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Sequences, Stratigraphy, Sedimentology: Surface and Subsurface — Memoir 15, 1988
Pages 331-350

Upper Mannville Tidal Creek and Incised Fluvial Channel Reservoirs at the Fort Kent Thermal Project of East-Central Alberta

J. Edward Mathison


Channel sands of contrasting character form reservoirs at the Fort Kent Thermal Project of east-central Alberta (Twp. 61, Rge. 4W4). An informal Lloydminster stratigraphy with minor modifications is applied to the Upper Mannville strata at the Fort Kent project. Upper Waseca reservoirs are interpreted as tidal creek sands formed during two episodes of tidal flat progradation. At the Fort Kent project, Upper Waseca strata and underlying shoreline sediments of the Lower Waseca and uppermost Sparky have been incised by fluvial channel sediments of the Lower McLaren. Four episodes of channel cut and fill are recognized in the Lower McLaren, forming a nested channel complex. These various channel episodes are, to a certain extent, recognizable on high resolution reflection seismic sections. The initial and final episodes were abandoned and are largely shale filled. The middle two channel episodes were sand filled and form the main reservoir at Fort Kent. Variable base levels during the Clearwater regression and during the subsequent regional transgression are recorded by the levels of incision of the various channel units. The course of the Lower McLaren paleochannels in the Fort Kent area were apparently structurally controlled.

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