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Sequences, Stratigraphy, Sedimentology: Surface and Subsurface — Memoir 15, 1988
Pages 387-399

The Distribution of Bluesky Facies in the Region Overlying the Peace River Arch, Northwestern Alberta

Shaun C. O’Connell


The Lower Cretaceous Bluesky Formation was examined in northwestern Alberta in a study area that overlies both the main structural axis of the Peace River Arch and the Fox Creek Escarpment. The Bluesky Formation in this study area can be divided into two main facies: offshore marine and wave dominated shoreface deposits; and tidally dominated inshore deposits.

The offshore marine and shoreface deposits form coarsening-upward regressive units that are capped by transgressive lag deposits. They were formed during local regressions within the overall southward transgression of the Early Cretaceous Boreal Sea and are commonly stacked to form multisory sequences that imbricate toward the south. The inshore deposits consist of tidally dominated channels and interchannel brackish bay sediments that were deposited on the eastern shoreline of a large marine embayment.

An underlying structural influence on Bluesky depositional trends can be seen in the local thickening of a Bluesky shoreface sandstone which overlies the position of the Peace River Arch axial graben. The eastern shoreline of the Bluesky Embayment overlies the position of the Fox Creek Escarpment. This linear structural feature is aligned normal to the Peace River Arch and has a history of rejuvenation since at least Devonian times.

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