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Pangea: Global Environments and Resources — Memoir 17, 1994
Pages 869-875

Triassic Tetrapod Extinctions and the Compiled Correlation Effect

Spencer G. Lucas


Most published correlations are at the level of stage-age and do not allow the resolution of patterns of extinction over shorter time intervals. The temporal ranges of taxa in global (or regional) literature compilations are only as precise as the published relative age data, and this produces a compiled correlation effect (CCE). The CCE not only obscures the complexity and duration of some mass extinctions, but it can also “create” a mass extinction as a methodological artifact of compilation. Elimination of the CCE reveals the Permo-Triassic tetrapod “extinction” to have been a long and complex evolutionary turnover. Without the CCE there is no evidence for a tetrapod extinction at the Carnian-Norian boundary. Detailed evidence of a tetrapod extinction at the Triassic-Jurassic boundary has not been discovered.

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