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Guide Book Eighth Annual Field Conference Nordegg, 1958
Pages 29-38

The Cretaceous/Jurassic Contact in West Central Alberta

D. M. Loranger


The boundary between the Cretaceous and Jurassic represents an interesting problem in West Central Alberta since continental facies, incomplete geologic sections and diastrophism have combined to obscure any well defined contact. The stratigraphic relationships of the formations associated with this contact are not always clear, since they tend to grade both laterally and vertically into one another. The base of the Nikanassin is suggested for the boundary between Cretaceous (Barremian) and Jurassic (Portlandian) in the outcrop and well sections studied. Present palaeontological evidence in the Fernie area suggests the contact there might be placed at the top of the basal Kootenay sandstone. Further micropalaeontological studies of the more complete stratigraphic sections north and west of the area under discussion are expected to delineate the contact more sharply.

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