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Intl. Symposium of the Devonian system: Papers, Volume I, 1967
Pages 153-170

Le Devonien des Pyrenees Occidentales et Centrales (France)

Raymond Mirouse


This paper gives a brief revue of the results of recent work by various authors on the stratigraphy of the Devonian of the western and central areas of the Pyrenees. More particularly, many research works concerned with the Basque Massif (Aldudes, Mendibelza, Igounce) and the main axial zone (Bearn, Aragon and the Haute Chaine of the central Pyrenees) are mentioned.

The main results obtained show both the vertical and lateral variability in the successions examined, changes which apparently reached their maximum in the Middle and Late Devonian. This schematically suggests relatively shallow marine sedimentation along unstable ridges and depressions, with differential subsidence, in climatic conditions at least momentarily favorable for reef growth.

The coditions outlined above were distributed, starting in the Early Devonian, along the main axis of the present Pyreneen mountain chain. In detail, they are found to be more complicated by the presence of emergent areas or of transverse basins whose positions are now being recognized.

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