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Intl. Symposium of the Devonian system: Papers, Volume I, 1967
Pages 473-482
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

Devonian of the Siberian Platform

A. K. Krylova, N. S. Malitch, V. V. Menner, D. V. Obrutchev, G. S. Fradkin


On the Siberian platform Devonian deposits are developed in the Tunguska and Vilui syneclises, as well as in depressions along the southern, northern and eastern boundaries of the platform.

Rudaceous, mostly continental variegated facies of Early, Middle and Late Devonian ages, containing remains of psilophytes and fishes, are developed in the south at the foot of the Sayany mountains.

In the Vilui syneclise, Middle(?) and Upper Devonian red marls are associated with salt and sulphates. Their geological age has been determined by the remains of fishes, spores, and pollen.

Within the Tunguska syneclise, the fullest Devonian sequences are developed in the northern regions. Predominant are variegated clay-carbonate and evaporitic deposits formed over low plains or in vast shallow lagoons. Lagoonal deposits often contain the remains of fish and ostracods. Marine deposits accumulated only during times of major transgression (Siegenian, Eifelian, Late Givetian, Late Frasnian).

In the northern and eastern marginal regions of the Siberian platform, Devonian rocks are mostly represented by gray terrigenous-carbonate and carbonate deposits, in part fossiliferous. Only locally, gypsum, rock salt and variegated rocks are found in the Lower Givetian and Lower Frasnian.

Volcanic rocks of Devonian age are known in the Vilui syneclise and along the boundaries between the Siberian platform and the Verkhoyansk and Sayany folded areas.

During the Devonian, an arid climate prevailed over the region of the Siberian platform.

Horizons with a marine fauna and fish remains permit correlation of the Devonian of the Siberian platform with adjacent geosynclinal areas, which reveals a certain similarity in the sedimentational history of the different tectonic divisions of northern Siberia.

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