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Proceedings of the Symposium on the Geology of the Canadian Arctic, 1973
Pages 63-79

Gravity in the Prince of Wales, Somerset, and Northern Baffin Islands Region

A. W. J. Berkhout


Regional gravity surveys covering Prince of Wales, Somerset, and northern Baffin Islands were carried out by the Dominion Observatory of Canada (now the Earth Physics Branch) during 1962, 1965 and 1966.

On Borden Peninsula, a strong gravity gradient follows the Central Borden Fault Zone and continues into Brodeur Peninsula. To the north of this strong gradient, gravity lows are correlated with exposed or inferred basins of upper Proterozoic quartzitic sandstones, while gravity highs coincide with uplifted basement gneisses. An elongated gravity low is also observed over a belt of upper Proterozoic sandstones east of Agu Bay on Baffin Island.

The Boothia Uplift on Somerset Island is defined by a northerly trending gravity high, but a low over its western portion suggests an asymmetrical development and overthrusting onto low density rocks. Two paralleling northerly-trending highs and intermediate lows are observed to the west of the Boothia high, and to the east a northeasterly-trending system consisting of a high belt across Prince Regent Inlet bounded by paralleling lows occurs. These northerly- and northeasterly-trending highs are thought to reflect basement uplifts along Archean orogenic zones, while the intermediate lows are probably due to deposits of upper Proterozoic (or Cambrian) clastic sediments.

The Paleozoic basins adjacent to the Boothia Uplift do not significantly contribute to the gravity anomaly field, because the densities of the known rock types are very close to those of the Precambrian gneisses. Younger non-marine sediments in a local Mesozoic basin on southwestern Bylot Island are defined by a local gravity low.

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