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Core Conference, Calgary, Alberta, 1986
Pages 2-1 to 2-29

Sedimentological Study of the Viking Sandstone “B” in the Giroux Lake Area, Western Alberta

M. Z. Farshori, K. McKay


The Viking sandstone “B” in the Giroux Lake area includes three marine facies which form an upward shallowing depositional sequence. The lower and middle units (Facies 1 and 2) form are widely distributed and were deposited respectively in relative deep and shallow water. The distribution of the upper unit is limited to the Giroux Lake area. It is a lenticular sandstone which upper surface shows paleotopographic relief. This medium and coarse grained, locally crossbedded sandstone was deposited in relative shallow water. Because the sandstone is not connected to the shoreface sandstone facies occurring farther to the southwest it is suggested that the Viking sandstone “B” represents an offshore shoal or bar complex.

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