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Core Conference, Calgary, Alberta, 1986
Pages 3-1 to 3-34

Triassic Spirit River Pool Northwestern Alberta

Peter G. Aukes, Tobin K. Webb


The Spirit River pool is located north of Grande Prairie in northwestern Alberta, in Townships 77–78, Range 6, west of the Sixth Meridian. Oil and gas production in the pool is from the Triassic Doig and Charlie Lake Formations. Hydrocarbons are entrapped against the updip edge of an isolated remnant of Doig coquinas and sandstones, created by erosion prior to Charlie Lake deposition. Some oil and gas is trapped in thin Charlie Lake layers that drape over the Doig remnant.

Facies in the pool consist of tidal shoreline deposits of the Doig Formation and supratidal deposits of the Charlie Lake Formation. Doig sediments include dolomitic coquinoid sandstones, fine grained sandstones, siltstones and shales. Charlie Lake Formation sediments include interbedded dolomitised cryptalgal mats and mudstones, and dolomitic siltstones.

Doig Formation sandstones and coquinas are interpreted as tidal inlets, channels, barrier island, migrating spit and other tidal flat sand systems. Charlie Lake Formation algal mats, siltstones and mudstones are interpreted to have been deposited on a sabkha plain that was periodically inundated by storm deposits. A possible regional depositional model consists of a southwesterly prograding, tidal influenced shoreline, probably part of a larger prograding wave and tide dominated delta north of the study area. A modern day analogue for this northern delta is the Niger Delta in West Africa.

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