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Carboniferous to Jurasssic: Pangea: Core Workshop Guidebook, 1993
Pages 88-108

Facies of the Belloy Formation (Lower Permian), Northeastern British Columbia

S. Leggett, R. Young, D. Eibenschutz


The Lower Permian Belloy Formation has been sampled by over 400 cores in the Fort St. John area of northeastern British Columbia. Studies of the cores, well logs, and production data allow the formation to be divided into five sequences with three types of channels. Mixed siliciclastic and chemical sediments are subdivided into seven groups of facies which are described and illustrated in the core exhibit.

The facies form six lithosomes, each of which represents a depositional environment. These environments include: shoreface sands, channel sands, sandy dolostone banks, offshore transition zone, lagoonal-estuarine and offshore marine. The first three lithosomes comprise reservoir zones in the oil fields of the area.

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