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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Environmental Geosciences (DEG)


AAPG Division of Environmental Geosciences Journal
Vol. 2 (1995), No. 2., Pages 68-73

Exploration Previous HitSoilNext Hit Gas Methods that Reduce Site Characterization Costs

Arthur J. Pyron


Initial site characterization of hydrocarbon-impacted or -suspected sites is a key element of environmental response. Passive Previous HitsoilNext Hit gas (PSG) methods expedite the characterization phase of a project, eliminate unnecessary investigation, and advance the schedule for remedial response. The PSG method identifies hydrocarbon-impacted areas on a given site prior to installation of Previous HitsoilNext Hit borings and monitoring wells and facilitates placement of subsequent subsurface tests (whether Previous HitsoilTop borings or monitoring wells) in optimum positions. This approach minimizes the number of wells needed to characterize a site, eliminates overcharacterization and unnecessary drilling, and provides lateral data. Its purpose is to determine and define the extent of any liability on a select property. In addition, the PSG method provides prioritization of multiple sites, thus allowing a more effective use of environmental budgets.

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