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Environmental Geosciences (DEG)


DOI: 10.1306/eg.10221919015

An overview of carbon capture and storage atlases around the world

Mariana Ciotta,1 Drielli Peyerl,2 Ligia Barrozo,3 Lucy Sant Anna,4 Edmilson Moutinho dos Santos,5 Célio Bermann,6 Carlos Grohmann,7 Evandro Mateus Moretto,8 and Colombo Tassinari9

1Institute of Energy and Environment, University of São Paulo (IEE-USP), São Paulo, Brazil; [email protected]
2Research Centre for Gas Innovation (RCGI), IEE-USP, São Paulo, Brazil; [email protected]
3Faculty of Philosophy, Languages and Human Sciences, USP, São Paulo, Brazil; [email protected]
4IEE-USP, São Paulo, Brazil; [email protected]
5IEE-USP, São Paulo, Brazil; [email protected]
6IEE-USP, São Paulo, Brazil; [email protected]
7IEE-USP, São Paulo, Brazil; [email protected]
8IEE-USP, São Paulo, Brazil; [email protected]
9IEE-USP, São Paulo, Brazil; [email protected]


Recent concerns about climate change and greenhouse gas emissions have a clear effect on the energy sector, directly affecting the use of fossil fuels. Companies and countries that depend on these sources of energy (so-called not clean) take actions to search for palliative solutions. The production of atlases of carbon capture and storage (CCS) is one of the collaborative actions that seeks to systematize and organize several aspects involving the use of CCS technologies. This paper focuses on an analytical overview of approaches addressed by five different CCS atlases published by Brazil, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Norway, and South Africa. The five atlases are available for public access; an analytical overview could substantiate the academic and technical decisions related to the future publication of a new atlas for any country and suggests the inclusion of new topics such as social and environmental issues.

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