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Jurassic Exploration Trends of East Texas, by Mark W. Presley and Chris H. Reed, Pages 11 - 22
East Texas Geological Society Publication: The Jurassic of East Texas, Edited by Mark W. Presley
Copyright copyrght.jpg (4253 bytes)1984 by East Texas Geological Society. All rights reserved.

Jurassic Exploration Trends of East Texas

Mark W. Presley
Valero Producing Company
5959 Sherry Lane, Suite 1500
Dallas, Texas 75225


Chris H. Reed
Reed and Strawn Exploration Consultants
3800 Paluxy, Phase II-B
Tyler, Texas 75703


There is gas and some oil production from both clastic and carbonate units in the Jurassic of the East Texas Basin. In the Smackover Formation, the reservoir facies are generally shallow marine carbonates that formed in shoalwater environments in the western and northern parts of the basin in late Smackover time. Productive intervals contain interbedded dolomites and oolitic grainstones. Traps are found (1) over low-relief salt structures, (2) against faults and in fault closures, (3) in relatively shallow updip areas over basement structures, and (4) in the northeastern part of the basin in Cass and Marion Counties, where there are deep basement ridges. In Haynesville carbonates, hydrocarbons are also associated with grainstone facies and occur in two general areas: (1) in the western part of the basin where there was a narrow marine shelf in Haynesville time, and (2) on the western side of the Sabine Platform in the eastern part of the East Texas Basin.

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