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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Four Corners Geological Society


Shelf Carbonates of the Paradox Basin, Fourth Field Conference, 1963
Pages 13-20

Precambrian of the Four Corners Area

J. Paul Fitzsimmons


Siliceous foliated rocks (quartz-mica schists and quartzites), greenstones, and granitic rocks are the most abundant Precambrian rocks of the Four Corners area. They crop out in the San Juan Mountains to the northeast and in the Grand Canyon to the southwest. Most of these types are found in the basement of the Four Corners area. at depths generally ranging from about 6000 feet to 8700 feet. A northeast trend to the foliated Precambrian rocks, while not universally present, is widely observed. Until more data are available, the Grand Canyon section may be used as a guide in predicting types of basement terrane in northeastern Arizona and southeastern Utah.

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