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GCAGS Transactions


Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Transactions
Vol. 3 (1953), Pages 152-152

ABSTRACT: A Contribution to Previous HitElectricalNext Hit Logging Interpretation of Shaly Sands

A. Poupon, M. Loy, M. Tizier (1)


Simple qualitative Previous HitmethodsNext Hit are explained for identifying those shaly sands in a well that are most likely to contain oil. A need for more precise measurement of the variables that enter shaly sand analysis is indicated. Field examples are given to illustrate the Previous HitmethodsNext Hit.

A theoretical discussion of the quantitative interpretation of shaly sands is given as a basis for discussion and as a guide for the future. While not generally capable of practical application at the present time because of the lack of sufficient accuracy of the electric log data, these Previous HitmethodsNext Hit may become more feasible in the future as a result of the improved logging Previous HitmethodsTop now being introduced.

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(1) Schlumberger Well Surveying Corp., Houston, Texas

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