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Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Transactions
Vol. 10 (1960), Pages 241-242

Abstract: A Resume of Jurassic Exploration in Northeast Texas

R. W. Eaton (1)


At this writing 14 Jurassic wells have been drilled in the northeast Texas area since January 1, 1960, marking an unprecedented expenditure by the industry for exploitation of these deeper horizons. These tests resulted in 6 new fields, 5 being gas condensate discoveries from the Smackover and 1 oil discovery from the Cotton Valley. In addition, 9 new wells are currently drilling, with plans announced for at least 3 more tests to be under way before the end of the year.

The importance of Jurassic beds as a future source of major reserves was brought into sharp focus by the discovery of Smackover production in the New Hope Field, Franklin County, Texas, in 1954. Minor accumulations were discovered at Mexia in 1955, Powell in 1957, Sulfur Bluff, Fruitvale and Bloomberg in 1958, and Linden and Fruitdale townsite in 1959. Of the six discoveries thus far in 1960, two are considered to have major reserve classification.

A total of 155 Jurassic tests have been drilled in the northeast Texas area to date. It has been estimated that total investment in Jurassic exploration, including wells, seismic exploration and lease acquisition, will exceed $115,000,000. It would now appear potential reserves are present in these beds in sufficient quantities to justify the expense.

The locations of these wells will be shown on a structural map of the area contoured on top of the Smackover. The extent and distribution of the two major productive trends, as well as the gross lithofacies distribution of the Smackover, will be illustrated. In addition, cross sections will be used to further demonstrate the relation of the rock units.

Copies of these exhibits, together with an alphabetized list of all Jurassic wells, will be made available to interested parties through the auspices of the East Texas Geological Society.

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Figure 1. Location map, Lake Arthur field.

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(1) P. G. Lake, Incorporated, Tyler, Texas

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