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Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Transactions
Vol. 13 (1963), Pages 176-176

ABSTRACT: A Stratigraphic and Structural Analysis of the Laurel Ridge Field, Iberville and Ascension Parishes, Louisiana

A. L. Morgan, III, R. G. Voelker (1)


Production from the Laurel Ridge Field consists of both oil and gas obtained from four separate sand bodies. The trapping mechanism for three of these sands, including the principal producing sand, is stratigraphic in origin. The "Laurel Ridge Gas Sand," which contains in excess of 300 billion cubic feet of gas, is productive over an area of approximately 5,000 acres. This sand is present across the entire structure which is a gentle, plunging nose bounded and closed on the north by a fault of Anahuac age, but the production is confined to the west flank of the structure and terminates near the crest of the nose at what is apparently a permeability change within this lithologic unit.

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(1)F. A. Callery Inc., New Orleans, Louisiana

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