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Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Transactions
Vol. 15 (1965), Pages 223-223

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Walter A. Anderson

The definition, development and geometry of deltas have recently experienced a crescendo of interest in many areas of geological investigations. The importance of deltas, their sedimentary processes and the association of petroleum with deltaic sediments are recognized by workers in both basic and applied research.

Data must be collected and compiled before any conclusions can be made about deltas. To enhance knowledge of deltaic sedimentation and to encourage further work in this field, the Research and Study Committee of the Houston Geological Society is engaged in a threefold program: (1) A Delta Study Group is compiling from published sources, in easily usable format, data on the modern deltas of the world. The format will include geologic, hydrologic, climatologic and biologic characteristics of each delta. (2) Papers have been solicited for a volume devoted to both ancient and modern deltas, unrestricted as to location. (3) The Houston Geological Society is sponsoring this symposium concerned with Gulf Coast deltas.

1. Presented at Symposium on the Geology of Deltas, arranged by the Houston Geological Society.

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