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GCAGS Transactions


Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Transactions
Vol. 17 (1967), Pages 326-338

Diffusion and Settling of Sediments at River Mouths: A Computer Simulation Model

G. F. Bonham-Carter, Alex J. Sutherland


A FORTRAN IV computer program has been written for simulating the diffusion and settling of suspended sediment at river mouths. The rate of sediment accumulation at any point in front of the channel mouth is governed by water and sediment discharge, sediment grain size distribution, sediment density, the porosity of the resulting sediment, width and depth of the river channel and the geometry of the basin. A plane jet model is used for determining the Previous HitvelocityTop field and the rates of sediment diffusion. By adjusting the input parameters, a variety of "delta" deposits may be created. The shape and foreset slope of the delta fan is found to be closely controlled by grain size and discharge. By allowing the model to respond dynamically to the build up of sediment at the channel mouth, a distributary mouth bar and submerged levees can be formed. Delta simulation experiments are monitored by printing maps showing the rates of sedimentation for each grain size at every cell in a digital accounting grid, and by facies maps using alphabetic symbols. Maps and stratigraphic cross sections are drawn with a digital plotter.

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