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GCAGS Transactions


Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Transactions
Vol. 19 (1969), Pages 63-70

Comparison of Electrical Logs and Physical Parameters of Marine Sediment Cores

Frank B. Chmelik, Arnold H. Bouma, Richard Rezak


Spontaneous potential and modified point resistivity logs were made from select cores of marine sediments. The logs have been compared with cone penetrameter and vane shear measurements, shipboard pH and Eh tests, X-ray radiographs and photographs, water content, density, carbonate content and grain size analyses from the same core.

Indications are that electrical logs can: 1) be of value in identifying zones of interest which have subtle property differences; 2) be used to correlate from one core to another; and 3) display apparent relationships to other properties.

Improvements in instruments and techniques may lead to the in situ quantitative application of electric logging techniques in all depths of water.

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