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Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Transactions
Vol. 19 (1969), Pages 266-266

Abstract: A Gravity Survey of Florida Bay and the Lower Keys

Mahlon M. Ball, Woodson R. Oglesby


A Bouger gravity map of the southern portion of Florida, including stations ranging from about 24° to 26° North Latitude, and 80° West Longitude is presented.

the salient features depicted are: 1) The western rim of the South Florida Basin, with gravity values increasing toward the Basin's center. 2) A large minimum anomaly centered near Homestead in Dade County. 3) An elongate gravity minimum extending from the area of Barnes Sound southwestward over most of Florida Bay. 4) A minimum indicated by two gravity readings obtained in the Marquesas Keys, suggesting a need for further investigation.

Examination of cuttings and cores recovered from oil tests drilled on or near the minimum anomalies indicates that if salt is present, it is deep-seated (below 11,000 feet). Wells near Homestead reveal the area is structurally high, when contoured on rocks ranging from Eocene to Lower Cretaceous age. The preponderance of anhydrite, dolomite, and dense aphanitic limestone in more than 4000-feet of Lower Cretaceous rocks penetrated in the area suggest the average density of this section may exceed that of the underlying basement rock. If this is so, a minimum anomaly would occur over an uplifted or topographically high area of the basement.

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Institute of Marine Sciences, University of Miami, Miami, Florida

Bureau of Geology, Department of Natural Resources, Tallahassee, Florida

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