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GCAGS Transactions


Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Transactions
Vol. 25 (1975), Pages 153-167

Remote Sensing of Shoreline Dynamics, Mobile Bay Area, 1900-1975 (1)

C. Daniel Sapp, J. G. Emplaincourt, J. D. Hardin (2)


The shoreline of Alabama is in a dynamic state, constantly adjusting to the combined effects of natural processes. Winds, waves, tides, and currents are the major agents active in the depositional and erosional processes. Hurricanes and tropical stormes can act with such force that they have repeatedly breached Dauphin Island throughout time. Small amounts of erosion may become critical in developed areas.

Man has also played a definite role in shaping the shoreline. In Mobile harbor, the extensive accretion of the shoreline has been caused by the continued spoil disposal and landfill carried out in the development of the harbor. It is estimated that 668 ha (1,650 acres) have been built up by man from 1917 to 1974.

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