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Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Transactions
Vol. 25 (1975), Pages 207-207

Abstract: Applications of Consistent Surface Corrections to Seismic Data

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The study of the behavior of seismic properties such as the amplitudes, arrival times, velocities, and the character and continuity of seismic reflections forms the basis for geophysical interpretation. These properties, however, are usually masked by irregularities originating on or near the surface. Such irregular near surface conditions adversely affect the validity of interpretation.

The paper concentrates on the study of anomalies of amplitude and frequency. A computational method of approximating near surface irregularities is presented. Once these inconsistencies have been removed by True Reflection Amplitude Processing (TRAP), the remaining anomalies have increased significance for the interpreter.

Practical use of the method is documented by a number of examples. These examples demonstrate the use of color as an aid in the detection and evaluation of anomalies. Illustrations are taken from selected lines in the Austin Chalk-Woodbine trend of East Texas.

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(1) Seiscom Delta, Inc., Houston, Texas

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