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Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Transactions
Vol. 27 (1977), Pages 445-445

Abstract: Initiation of Lower Cretaceous Reefs in Sabinas Basin, N.E. Mexico

Colin L. Stabler (1), Benjamin Marquez D. (2)


Coral-algal and rudist reefs were initiated in the center of the subsiding Sabinas basin during the Hauterivian.

It is speculated that the reefs may have grown along a hinge line, or perhaps over salt or shale anticline. The reefs, together with their associated lagoon and sabkha, mark the beginning of a vast carbonate-evaporite platform sequence, equivalent to the Sligo, which prograded eastward and built out over nearly all of the former basin.

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(1) Shell Oil Company, New Orleans. Formerly with Illing Associates Ltd., London

(2) Petroleos Mexicanos, Reynosa

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