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GCAGS Transactions


Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Transactions
Vol. 31 (1981), Pages 359-367

Lithostratigraphy and Biostratigraphy of Paleocene Subsurface Strata in Southwest Alabama

Ernest A. Mancini (1)


In the subsurface of Choctaw County, Alabama, the Paleocene consists of over 1400 feet of marginal marine and marine terrigenous sediments. The lithologies of the Paleocene lithostratigraphic units as observed in the OSM No. 1 Tuckabum and OSM No. 2 Wahalak coreholes drilled near Butler, Alabama, are similar to those for the respective surface units in southwest Alabama. The vertical change in planktic foraminiferal distribution in the Paleocene strata permits their assignment to an established worldwide zonation. The Paleocene biostratigraphic Subbotina pseudobulloides and Subbotina trinidadensis Interval Zones are represented in the Clayton Formation. Most of the Porters Creek clay is contained in the Paleocene Morozovella uncinata Interval Zone. The Matthews Landing Marl Member of the Porters Creek Formation and the Coal Bluff Marl Member of the Naheola Formation rest within the Paleocene Morozovella angulata Interval Zone. The Paleocene Morozovella pusilla pusilla Interval Zone may be present in the lower part of the Middle Member of the Nanafalia Formation but is difficult to delineate. The upper part of the Middle Member and Grampian Hills Member of the Nanafalia Formation and the lower Tuscahoma Sand are contained within the Paleocene Planorotalites pseudomenardii Range Zone. The middle and upper parts of the Tuscahoma Sand are assigned to the Paleocene Morozovella velascoensis Interval Zone. The Bashi Marl Member of the Hatchetigbee Formation is retained in the Eocene Morozovella subbotinae Interval Zone.

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