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GCAGS Transactions


Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Transactions
Vol. 42 (1992), Pages 511-516

Microtextures in an Appalachian Metachert Formation, Alabama

David T. King, Jr. (1), Walter D. Keller (2)


The Jemison Chert shows two contrasting polygonal triple-point (p t-p) quartz microtextures that developed in contrasting stress environments in a single regional metamorphic terrain. One of these, an isotropic (or uniform) p t-p texture, is the probable result of annealing (i.e., temperature-dependent) recrystallization, whereas the other, an anisotropic (or foliated) p t-p texture, is strain-driven recrystallization developed during syn-metamorphic to early post-peak metamorphic deformation along a major thrust-fault system. Our interpretations are supported by experimental work which assessed the effects of strain rate and temperature on quartz-crystal growth.

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