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GCAGS Transactions


Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Transactions
Vol. 46 (1996), Pages 63-69

Another Srike at Bee Bluff

John A. Breyer


Two discontinuity surfaces within the Eocene strata exposed at Bee Bluff in Zavala County, Texas, have been interpreted as thrust faults formed when a meteorite struck nearby in the Early Tertiary. However, the surfaces are a disconformity and a normal fault. The disconformity is the edge of an incised valley cut into strata of the Wilcox Group (Paleogene) during a fall in relative sea-level in the Early Tertiary. It marks the boundary between the coal-bearing part of the Wilcox Group and the overlying Carrizo Sandstone. The normal fault probably resulted from differential compaction of sediment above the flank of a small serpentine plug intruded beneath Bee Bluff. Neither discontinuity surface shows evidence for compressional movement, and neither provides support for the notion of a meteor strike at Bee Bluff.

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