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GCAGS Transactions


Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Transactions
Vol. 48 (1998), Pages 381-391

New Exploration Technology for South Texas

Perry O. Roehl (1), Emil Y. Ostrovsky (2), Alexander Weinberg (2)


A new mathematical exploration strategy entitled "target forecasting" (hereafter TF) has been applied to South Texas. TF is unbiased. That is, the TF algorithm does not employ initial predeterminations, as do conventional technologies such as "Pattern Recognition" or "Expert System." A sophisticated computer program models an entire initial data set by employing a series of transform functions. The results are expressed in binary form as sequences of interrelated homogeneous subsets. Investigation is not limited to one data type. Several differing types of spatially arrayed data can be mathematically merged and evaluated. Results are totally objective.

TF can also employ an Previous HitanalogNext Hit analysis along with an unbiased assessment of results. An example is presented for the area of South Texas utilizing values from the North American Geophysical Data Grid (NGDG). Data employed are gamma ray, gravity and magnetic. The results are portrayed as mapped coordinate values that are normally color-coded in accord with their individual measure of similarity to one or more analogs.

Inspection of the results shows the capability of the method to reveal both existing and new regional trends, and both producing and new areas of prospective exploration, relative to selected Previous HitanalogTop(s). Compared with existing methods, an exploration strategy based on TF is much more efficient in terms of both the cost and the time that is required to detect petroleum deposits. Similar results apply to the use of 2-D and 3-D data and to investigations of development opportunities.

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