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GCAGS Transactions


Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Transactions
Vol. 52 (2002), Pages 183-195

Correlation of Marine Sediments from the Texas-Louisiana Continental Shelf

Dunn, Dean A. Stokes, Traci L.,


Analysis of 212 samples from 23 gravity cores on the Texas-Louisiana continental shelf defines geographic provinces based on sedimentary parameters. In the southwestern part of the study area, closest to Corpus Christi, nearshore sediments are a mixture of sand-silt-clay and silty clay, with clay percentages increasing farther from shore: Deeper-water clays have the lowest sound velocities (1413-1519 m/s), lowest dry densities (2.61-2.65 g/cm3), and highest porosities (70-80%). In the northeastern part of the study area, off east Texas and southwest Louisiana, sediments are dominantly sand-silt-clay and clayey sand, with the highest sound velocities (1526-1704 m/s), highest dry densities (2.66-2.74 g/cm3), lowest porosities (36-67%), compared to cores on the southwestern shelf.

A linear correlation exists between acoustic and certain physical properties: an increase in mean grain size (lower phi values), decreased clay content, and lower porosity produce an increase in sound velocity, but sand content and bulk grain density increase as sound velocity increases.

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