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Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Transactions Vol. 58 (2008), Pages 363-371

A South-North Paleogene Progradational Stratigraphic Wedge in the Walker Ridge Area, and its Implication in the Depositional History of the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico

Leipin He and Rex Poling

Minerals Management Service, 1201 Elmwood Park Blvd., New Orleans, Louisiana 70123


A south-north progradational stratigraphic geometry is identified on a pre-stack depth-migrated seismic survey in the Walker Ridge area (in the vicinity of Block 842). The well-defined, northward prograding package is bounded above by Upper Oligocene and below by Upper Paleocene, and has a thickness of greater than 7000 ft (2134 m) and duration of ~30.0 m.y. (second order depositional cycle). Both boundaries display clinoform geometries and erosional characteristics. The Upper Paleocene boundary illustrates onlap and downlap of overlying strata. Offlap of underlying strata below the Upper Oligocene boundary is also recognized. Although some authors revealed a northern thinning Lower Tertiary wedge existing in the adjacent Keathley Canyon and Lund areas, they were unable to address the stratigraphic stacking patterns within the wedge. The northward prograding clinoforms suggest that the sediment in this area was transported from the Yucatan Platform to the south during the Early Tertiary. Previous authors have indicated that sediments were derived from the Laramide uplands located in the north, northwest, and west of Gulf of Mexico. Some areas, like Walker Ridge and Keathley Canyon, in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico, were designated by previous authors as sediment starved or non-deposition during the Paleogene time. However, this study indicates that the sedimentation rate (without decompaction) from Eocene to Oligocene in the Walker Ridge area can reach as high as 230 ft/m.y. (70 m/m.y.)

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