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Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Transactions Vol. 58 (2008), Pages 645-653

Five Vintages of 3D Seismic over the Nelson Field of EP Europe UK: Is it Really Feasible to Obtain a Consistent 4D Signal?

Jos B. M. Lutz1, Jonathan Brain2, Jan W. de Maag3, Nico Kremers4, Steffen Bergler3, and Richard Rogers2

1Shell International E&P, 150 N. Dairy Ashford Rd., Houston, Texas 77079
Shell EP Europe, 1 Altens Farm Rd., Shell Expro, AB12 3FY Aberdeen, United Kingdom
Shell International E&P, Kesslerpark 1, 2280 AB Rijswijk, Netherlands
Shell Nigeria EP Company, Freeman House 21/22 Marina, Lagos, Nigeria


The Nelson Oil Field, operated by Shell United Kingdom since its peak production in 1994, has been in decline. The rock properties make it possible to visualize oil production effects on 4D seismic. Consequently, after the first 3D survey in 1990, four repeat seismic surveys were acquired. Apart from the primary objective to create an optimal 4D result between the last two seismic surveys, the latest monitor survey acquired in 2006 triggered the need to arrive at a consistent set of monitor datasets. During processing, special attention was given to trace selection methods, 4D statics, and denoising. The acquisition focus to repeat properly the acquisition layout of the 2003 survey during the recording of the 2006 survey, combined with the focused parameter selection for the processing of the 2003 and 2006 surveys, resulted in an optimal 4D signal reflecting the oil production in the 2003 to 2006 time span.

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