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Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Transactions Vol. 58 (2008), Pages 913-913

ABSTRACT: Building Tomorrow's Cities on Yesterday's Contamination: A Case Study

Rosemary Wyman, Mark Zell, Zach Rayburn, and Ryan Hebrink

Baer Engineering and Environmental Consulting, Inc., 7756 Northcross Dr., Ste. 211, Austin, Texas 78757


Urban space is limited. Not only are we running out of real estate on which to build, the remaining real estate is very expensive. Properties that remain for development/ redevelopment may be less than desirable due to the presence, or perceptual presence, of historical contamination. This paper presents a case study of a premier skyscraper under construction on land contaminated by coal tar in the 1800s. The issues that are addressed include Innocent Owner status, existing contaminant characterization, and soil sequencing and disposal during construction. This paper presents one approach to the problem of existing soil contamination in a construction zone.

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