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GCAGS Transactions


GeoGulf Transactions
Vol. 71 (2021), Pages 251-257

Seismic Stratigraphy Via Previous HitAttributeNext Hit Analysis, Brooks County, Texas

Robert V. Schneider


Recent subsurface interpretation of a lower Vicksburg sequence-parasequence section in a 3D seismic survey in Brooks County has demonstrated the effectiveness of post-stack attributes. In a reprocessed 1980s–vintage survey, large- and small-scale features were identified by vertically oriented attributes as well as time slice and horizon oriented views. In this study, well control has been added and serves as a guide to interpretation of amplitude and extracted attributes. The goals for interpreting the attributes include: (A) Identification of parasequence stratigraphy on a bed by bed basis; (B) Within tuning limits, spectral decomposition methods to highlight small- to large-scale geobodies; (C) Cascaded Previous HitattributeTop generation for both matrix and pore fluid estimation; and (D) Cross-plotting of attributes in order to identify potential undrilled reservoirs. These same goals will also be applied to the geologic section outside the volume of interest to catalog possible new drilling locations. This volume and its relationship to regional Cenozoic tectonic evolution is also interpreted to predict other sequence-parasequence locations in the lower Vicksburg.

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