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Previous Hit3-DNext Hit Seismic Case Histories From the Gulf Coast Basin.

A GCAGS Special Publication, June 1998.

Pages 91-97.

Copyright © 2004 by Gulf Coast Association Of Geological Societies. All rights reserved.

Dilworth (Carrizo) Field , McMullen County, Texas

By Redge L. Greenberg1 and T. W. Swinbank2

1 Consulting Geophysicist, P.O. Box 160415, Austin, TX 78716-0415
2 Consulting Geologist, Box 1339, Georgetown, TX 78627


A Previous Hit3-DNext Hit seismic survey covering 8.6 square miles was conducted by Dan A. Hughes Company et al during the summer of 1994 on the Dilworth salt dame in McMullen County, Texas. A time interpretation of the Previous Hit3-DNext Hit records, using a reflection event near the top of the Eocene Carrizo sandstone at 3200 feet, showed concentric faults bounding a downthrown faulted dome. Drilling guided by the Previous Hit3-DTop data has resulted in 10 Carrizo oil wells in 3 fault blocks on the faulted dome structure and 1 Carrizo oil well in an upthrown fault block. Development drilling is continuing in this field which is believed to have reserves in excess of 1.5 million barrels of oil.

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