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3-D Seismic Case Histories From the Gulf Coast Basin.

A GCAGS Special Publication, June 1998.

Pages 109-122.

Copyright © 2004 by Gulf Coast Association Of Geological Societies. All rights reserved.

Salt Morphology and Hydrocarbon Trapping at Eugene Island 188: Detailed Salt Surface Mapping Yields New Opportunities In An Old Field

By E. P. Mason, J. W. Beets, M. D. French, H. E. Johnston, and S. M. Weaver

Shell Offshore Inc., P. 0. Box 61933, New Orleans, LA 70161


Six web (five successful, one dry) drilled as a result of a 1992 field study added nearly 10 million barrels oil equivalent (MMBOE) to the Eugene Island 188 Field's (EI 188) ultimate reserves. The field study incorporated time and post-stack depth migrated 3-D seismic volumes, through-tubing salt proximity surveys and gravity modeling. Three of the successful wells developed previously unrecognized attic reserves and a salt flank down-dip stratigraphic trap. The fourth successful well found enough oil and gas in an off-structure amplitude supported fault block to justify a production jacket and horizontal development well. Initial daily rates from these web averaged 14 million cubic feet of gas (MMCFG) and 5,200 barrels of oil (BO). Cumulative production to date from these wells is 2.3 MMBO and 17 BCFG.

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