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Houston Geological Society


Deltas: Models for Exploration, 1975
Pages 381-397

The Coffeyville Format (Pennsylvanian) of Northern Oklahoma, A Model for an Epeiric Sea Delta

Glenn S. Visher, Samson B. Ekebafe, James Rennison


The Coffeyville format within the Missourian Series of the Pennsylvanian System in a part of northeastern Oklahoma was studied to determine its origin. This interval is underlain by the Checkerboard Limestone and overlain by the Hogshooter Limestone, transgressive limestone marker beds.

The primary depositional framework of the Coffeyville Formation is deltaic. Eight separate environmental facies within the complex have been delineated and correlated with particular S. P. curve shapes. Outcrop and core studies of trace fossils, textures, and sedimentary structures were associated with individual facies. Criteria for environmental analysis were established to recognize ancient deltaic deposits.

The epeiric sea delta model shows an inverse direction of isopachous thickening, and the position of lithologic changes as compared to continental shelf deltaic models. Interior shelf carbonate units, patterns of distributary development and vertical profiles all reflect shallow water depositional environments. This framework requires rapid progradation and transgressions in response to changes in distributary mouth positions, and leads to the cyclothemic pattern of sedimentation characteristic of interior cratonic basins.

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