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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Indonesian Petroleum Association


1st Annual Convention Proceedings, 1972
Pages 204-209

The Need of a Petroleum Institute in the Development of the Petroleum Industry in Indonesia

Omar Hassan Assaari


Petroleum development has become one of Indonesia's requirements in achieving its economic prosperity.

In facing the challenges the government (through the national oil company) has invited oil contractors to work in Indonesia.

Tremendous approaches to modern technology, scientific application as well as research, are, among other things, the basic, supports to progress and succes in the industry; however, abundance of problems that may come along need also immediate solution.

The provision of skilled manpower ready for assignment is also the basic need to the development of the industry.

To meet these objectives, an institution was created in 1965 organized under the Department of Mines. It serves the Directorate General of Oil and Gas and Pertamina.

As to the oil contractors operating in the areas throughout Indonesia, Lemigas makes itself available in providing the necessary services needed at hand.

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