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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Indonesian Petroleum Association


7th Annual Convention Proceedings, 1978
Pages 363-381

The Effect Heat Treatment on High Pour Point Crude Oils Relating to Pumpability Characteristics

Anwar K. Joesoef


The development of Hight Pour Point crude oil production creates immediatly a special methode to handle the crude oil from the field to terminal storages.

Some methodes have been proposed for this aim, i.e:

• Preheating and heating of the line or heating periodically at the Booster-Station

• Injection of additive (Pour Point Depressant)

• Mixing with water to form emulsion

• Heat & Cooling treatment to modify the wax crystal structure in a way to reduce PP and pumping viscosity

• Dilution with other hydrocarbon compound (less waxy content) etc.

This paper presents Effect of Heat Treatment on Pour Point and Pumpability characteristics of High Pour Crude oil. Heat Treatment at some conditions reduced Pour Point in the range of °F : 10 – 30 and stability of treated crude was observed during several weeks.

Pumpability characteristics of treated crude were examined at different condition relating to real condition on the field.

In case of an emergency shut-down, laboratory results showed that in maintaining a very low flow rate (1,5 cm/s) at the pipe line, the gelling of the crude could be avoided even at temperature 10°F below the Pour Point.

Large scale test should be necessary before application of these results.

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