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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Indonesian Petroleum Association


7th Annual Convention Proceedings, 1978
Pages 383-398

Producing Gas-Condensate and Oil Rim Reservoirs from Channel Sands of the Badak Field

P. T. Nurwono


The Badak Field is located on the East Coast of Kalimantan approximately 40 Kilometers South of equator and 120 Kilometers North East of Balikpapan. It is part of Kutai Basin which includes the Mahakam river delta. It was discovered in January 1972 by drilling and testing Badak-1. Intensive development from 1972 to 1977 resulted in developing approximately 7 TCF gas reserves. These gas reserves were used to justify building the two train Bontang LNG Plant. The Plant was put on stream in June, 1977 and currently has a liquefaction capacity of 600 MMCF/D

As of March 1978, 43 wells have been drilled including one dry hole. The majority of wells are dually completed. The 42 wells include 34 gas completions and 25 oil completions for a total of 59. Reservoir pressure range from 1590 to 5165 psi with temperature range between 129 and 276°F. Porosities between 14 and 32 percent and Water Saturation of 18-50% are present in various reservoirs in the field.

Sixty Eight plus reservoirs are present between 3,700 and 11,000 Feet. Proved reserves are estimated at 7 TCF gas in place and some 108 MMSTB proven oil in places in 16 oil reservoirs.

Current production is just over 600 MMCF/D, which is delivered to the Bontang LNG Plant. The 11,500 STB per day condensate and 10,700 STB per day of oil production are delivered to Santan Terminal for loading on.

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