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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Indonesian Petroleum Association


9th Annual Convention Proceedings, 1980
Pages 305-326

Philosophy and Implementation of Energy Conservation Program in Pertamina Refinery Unit III

Samto Utomo, Soewito BP., Djuhari DP., Hadiono S.


The oil industry has an important role in Indonesian Development. It is the main source of foreign exchange to support Five Year Development Plans (Repelita) of Indonesia.

Concerned with these non renewable resources the government throuth the "Minister of Mines and Energy" has established a Technical Committee for Energy Resources called Panitia Teknis Sumber Daya Energi (PTE) i.e. Interdepartment Committee to foumulate National Energy Policy.

Related to the government policies, first priority is given to energy conservation program, beside intensification and diversification.

Pertamina Refinery Unit III Plaju/S.Gerong has made a study to implement this program as one of the Energy Conservation Program Series concerned with reducing potential energy loss in Pertamina Refinery Unit III.

Simple economic evaluations were also nade for every case, either a new installation or improvement and modification.

Farther experiments still required to enable Refinery Operations to be run more economically.

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