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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Indonesian Petroleum Association


9th Annual Convention Proceedings, 1980
Pages 351-365

Transition–Zone Seismic Surveys in Southeast Asia

R. E. Sheriff, Palmer L. Greene, Harold Reaves


In many prospective areas of Southeast Asia the nature of the surface changes across the area being surveyed and, consequently, the nature of the seismic techniques have to change. For example, a single seismic line might go from deep water marine, through a reef area and lagoon, across a surf zone and barrier island, into marsh and swamp, and finally end up in a river. Areas where neither normal land or normal marine techniques are applicable are called "transition zones". In such zones, acquisition techniques may change within short distances. Data quality may also change rapidly. Processing can remove some of the variations which result from the changes of techniques or of near-surface conditions. This paper discusses seismic operations in "transition zones" and the special processing which transition-zone data may require.

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