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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Indonesian Petroleum Association


9th Annual Convention Proceedings, 1980
Pages 417-431

Relation of Depth to Hydrocarbon Distribution in Bunyu Island, NE Kalimantan

Luki Samuel


A study of geothermal gradients on 10 wildcats and selected development wells has been carried out in Bunyu Island, off the northeast coast of Kalimantan. The geothermal gradient averages 4.28°/100 m and ranges from 3.68 to 5.28°C/100 metres.

Maturation studies indicate that the present subsurface temperatures are maximal in the history of deltaic late Miocene to Pleistocene sediments at Bunyu Island. These temperatures are approximately equivalent to those in the past and are indicative of the thermal maturation levels of the Bunyu stratigraphic section.

Knowing critical levels of temperatures as the organic thermal alteration, the ralationship between hydrocarbon generation and burial depths through the average geothermal gradient was constructed.

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