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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Indonesian Petroleum Association


9th Annual Convention Proceedings, 1980
Pages 489-499

Flow Properties of Waxy Udang Crudes

Thomas R. Sifferman


Viscosity, gel strength (yield value), and pour point results are presented to describe the rheology of Udang crude. The data were used to design the Udang "A" platform and its pipline to the storage tanker. This high pour point (100° F) crude have start-up problems due to high gel strength at the minimum sea temperature of 75° F. The Crude is about 39° API gravity with 30 precent wax.

Wax crystal, modifiers (flow improvers) were evaluated to improve the crude's flow properties. Emulsion viscosity and stability were also studied. The used of a pipe viscometer, rather than a concentric cylinder viscometer (such as the Fann), gives lower gel strength and compares well with our limited field data.

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