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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Indonesian Petroleum Association


10th Annual Convention Proceedings, 1981
Pages 323-329

The Wellsite Computer – An Aid to Log Evaluation and Log Quality Control

Sami O. Ajam, S. E. Blalock, C. F. Vanberg, C. D. Donaghe



Well logging methods have changed markedly in recent years, especially with the introduction of computerized well logging systems. The wellsite computer offers a unique approach to well data acquisition and reservoir evaluation. This approach uses a minicomputer and other devices operated as computer peripherals. Output can be made in several formats to allow the log analyst to quickly recognize important formation data needed for optimum log interpretation.

Man/Machine interfacing is an important facet of the system and adds reliability to the calibration process and log accuracy. Precise calibration methods performed for each logging service result in improved quality control and faster logging operations.

Interpretive results of the logs obtained at the wellsite add another dimension to formation evaluation and reduces risk associated with forthcoming decisions.


The primary application is in exploration, drilling and formation evaluation.


Computer processing of well log information at the wellsite helps speed up important decisions with minimum cost of rig time. Acceptance of the system by users and operators has been outstanding.

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