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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Indonesian Petroleum Association


12th Annual Convention Proceedings (Volume 2), 1983
Pages 41-56

Bekapai-11: An Example of Drilling a High Pressured Well in Weak Formations

Budi Suryodipuro


The major handicap of drilling a high Previous HitpressureNext Hit well in TOTAL INDONESIE's KALIMANTAN PERMIT AREAS is the weak resistance to fracturing of the deltaic system in which the fields are found.

This paper will show the drilling in 1981 of BEKAPAI-11 well based on TOTAL INDONESIE's experience with high Previous HitpressureNext Hit wells starting from :

– BEKAPAI-1 (1972) and HANDIL-1 (1974) in which the unexpected high pressures were attained at the transition zone and where the whole lower part of the well was lost due to the large increase of the mud weight to kill the well followed by differential sticking of the drill string.

– HANDIL-8 (1978) and HANDIL-9 (1979) wells which had their objective in the high Previous HitpressureNext Hit zones and which were drilled successfully with programmes thought at that time to be the best adapted to reach the proposed targets.

The experience accumulated in the above wells especially HANDIL-9 was invaluable in defining the program for drilling - casing - mud - cementing - testing used for our BEKAPAI-11.

BEKAPAI-11 was drilled in 133 days to attain potential reservoirs, in abnormally pressured zones located between 3500 and 4200 m. The previous deepest well BEKAPAI-1 was stopped at 3461 m after a series of violent kicks in the "High Previous HitPressureTop Shales".

The casing programs of BEKAPAI-11 was as follows : (measured RTKB)

36" driven conductor pipe to 114 m

26" cemented at 348 m in 32" hole

18.5/8" cemented at 1000 m in 24" hole

13.3/8" cemented at 2999 m in 17frac12.gif (855 bytes)" hole

10.3/4" cemented at 3550 m in 16" underreamed hole

7" cemented at 3869 m in 9frac12.gif (855 bytes)" hole

T.D. was at 4602 m instead of the planned 4200 m; the lower zones being subsequently plugged and abandoned. Based on previous experience a change to oil-based mud was made at the beginning of 9frac12.gif (855 bytes)" phase and drilling with diamond bits was also carried out in 9frac12.gif (855 bytes)" phase.

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