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Indonesian Petroleum Association


15th Annual Convention Proceedings (Volume 1), 1986
Pages 123-140

Miocene Carbonate Shelf Margin, Bali-Flores Sea, Indonesia

W. W. Tyrrel, R. G. Davis, H. G. McDowell


The Central Lombok Block (CLB) is located in the Bali-Flores Sea about 90 kilometers north of Lombok and Sumbawa Islands which are part of the Indonesian volcanic arc east of Java. It lies in a back arc setting and has water depths ranging from 300 to 600 meters. A series of shallow water carbonate banks rim the eastern boundary of the CLB.

Recent drilling within the CLB supports Hamilton's (1979) conclusion that this area is underlain by Cretaceous melange and/or oceanic crust. After early Tertiary block faulting and nonmarine basin-filling sedimentation, the area underwent rapid subsidence. During most of the upper Paleogene and Neogene, the CLB was the site of deep water sedimentation except along its eastern and northern margins where the shallow water carbonate banks were progressively drowned.

A local reversal of this trend occurred during the Miocene along the northern part of the CLB where a "text-book" example of a shelf margin carbonate complex is well displayed on seismic. The carbonate complex prograded approximately 9 kilometers over deep water basinal deposits during the Miocene and possibly early Pliocene. This was followed by rapid subsidence causing "drowning" of this northern shelf margin after which the depositional slope was onlapped and covered by deep water Plio-Pleistocene mudstone.

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