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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Indonesian Petroleum Association


16th Annual Convention Proceedings (Volume 2), 1987
Pages 1-10

Bima Previous HitFieldNext Hit Reservoir Management System

G. C. Bihn, A. N. E. Sumantri, Harnusa Sakirman


A reservoir management system was required to monitor and control production from the BIMA Previous HitfieldNext Hit, newly developed by Atlantic Richfield Indonesia Inc. (ARII) in their N.W. Java Contract Area (NWJCA). The BIMA Previous HitfieldNext Hit commenced production in December 1986 and currently produces 26,000 BOPD via 42 producing wells. The proximity of water and gas accumulations adjacent to the Batu Raja limestone pay make development very difficult. The necessity of keeping a close rein on production cannot therefore be overstated.

The approach to optimizing recovery required that the long term objectives of reservoir engineering be coordinated with production targets and other considerations. This reservoir management liaison was achieved by early development of a Well Manual designed for both Previous HitfieldNext Hit and office use which specifically addressed standard operating practices, well target rates, contingencies, Previous HitdataNext Hit gathering, and contained frequently used reference Previous HitdataNext Hit.

The availability of personal computers and spreadsheet software provided the solution to achieving the tight control and surveillance desired for the BIMA Previous HitfieldNext Hit through the development of the Reservoir Management System (RMS). Its utility is provided not only by addressing the critical aspects of production rate control, but by improving the overall efficiency of the petroleum engineer. This is accomplished by integrating engineering programs with a core of databases and production history for the Previous HitfieldTop.

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