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Indonesian Petroleum Association


17th Annual Convention Proceedings (Volume 1), 1988
Pages 323-358

Seismic Lithology (AVO) Interpretation at the Badak and Nilam Fields in the Sanga Sanga Block, Kalimantan

William C. Ade, Ian T. McMahon, Wahyudin Suwarlan


A case history of the seismic amplitude interpretation for Huffco's oil and gas discoveries at the Nilam and Badak fields in the Sanga-Sanga PSC Block of East Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Huffco's Badak and Nilam fields are "giant" gas fields which together currently produce over 1.0 BCF/day from sands within the Miocene age Balikpapan Beds.

The reservoir sands were deposited within a thick regressive deltaic sequence that includes coals, shales and occasional limestones. Wells typically encounter multiple stacked pay sands at depths ranging from about 5500 feet to over 13,000 feet.

Individual sand thicknesses can vary from several feet to over 200 feet. Rapid lateral stratigraphic variations in sand thickness are the rule, rather than the exception.

The seismic amplitude response to these sandstones is interpreted based on an integrated geological and geophysical approach by incorporating the study of well logs, seismic sections, Previous HitNMOTop corrected gathers, AVO graphs and theoretical models.

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