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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Indonesian Petroleum Association


20th Annual Convention Proceedings (Volume 1), 1991
Pages 279-297

Jatibarang Sub Basin - A Half Graben Model in the Onshore of Northwest Java

Amril Adnan, Sukowitono, Supriyanto


The Jatibarang sub-basin is located in the eastern part of the North West Java Basin. It is well known as a prolific area for hydrocarbon, producing oil and gas from Early-Oligocene to Late-Miocene reservoirs (i.e. Jatibarang, Talang Akar, Upper Cibulakan and Parigi Formations).

The sub-basin was formed in the Early Tertiary and grew as part of the North West Java Back-Arc Basin. The early development of the sub-basin, started with formation of a half-graben generated by the active back-arc tensional systems. It then was filled by Tertiary sediments. The half-graben is interpreted to have developed in two generation stages, each stage intially being largely filled with clastic sediments, and then terminating with carbonate sedimentation.

The occurence of hydrocarbon in the Jatibarang, Talang Akar, Baturaja, Upper Cibulakan and Parigi Formations was controlled by the existing normal fault which provided vertical migration path for hydrocarbon sourced from the Talang Akar.

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