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Indonesian Petroleum Association


20th Annual Convention Proceedings (Volume 2), 1991
Pages 105-111

Indonesian Needs of Technology R & D, Downstream Case

Maizar Rahman


The hydrocarbon downstream industries in Indonesia cover a wide range of processing plants such as oil refineries, LPG and LNG production, lube base, basic petrochemical as well as polymer industry.

In this industrial growth, the technological development state is still in the first phase, i.e the phase of utilisation of proven production technology to produce higher added value products. As defined by the Minister for Research and Technology, the three next phases of the technological development strategy will be development, innovation and integration of existing technology to produce new designs capable of giving higher profits; further development of existing technologies; intensive basic research.

This paper identifies specific requirements for oil and gas industries in Indonesia of R & D products in the near future, especially in the downstream sector. Work is still required in specific areas where, although the technology is available, the conditions have not been researched. Also discussed is the present state of local R & D activities, the capability of its R & D institutions, the relationship with industry to encourage its activities, types of R & D work performed, and the opportunity to perform research program. The possibility of joint research with established foreign institutions and financing possibilities aspects is also discussed.

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